Casa Digna-San Felipe

Casa Digna SF A.C. is a community of people who want to help those who could use a hand up in an economy that cannot support their basic needs. While doing so we are cleaning up the local area by taking advantage of a resource readily available to us in abundance, Old Tires!

Yes, we are building dignified homes out of recycled tires and clay-based dirt. The result is a insulated home that will last, we believe, forever. Not a house that will need constant maintenance. We are providing everything needed to build each home and managing every step of the building process.

Who are we? We are people with heart! These mostly woman and children packing tires with red dirt to build fences and walls for houses have heart too! They know that one of these homes will be theirs and that this will be their neighborhood. They are taking great pride in their efforts. It’s a beautiful thing to watch as these families work so hard helping each other build a community. A community they so desperately need.

The Port of San Felipe also suffers from a high unemployment rate. Right now, we pay local workers five days a week to help these families and we provide them with social security. The work crew is grateful to have a job and Casa Digna is equally grateful they are willing to work so hard. As soon as we are able we will double the size of the work crew. A whole lot of people need jobs and these families need homes!

In building homes with old tires for single mothers and vulnerable families we are doing three things for this community. We are Recycling, Providing Jobs and Helping Families who desperately need a home. A nice lady on Facebook made a comment that we are “helping people with a hand up, not a hand out”. That statement describes us well.

We are also particularly appreciative to all who believe in Casa Digna SF A.C. and who have so generously donated the materials and resources needed to make this happen. Thank you. We could not do this without you!

CASA DIGNA staff will be onsite during the festival on both days with information regarding their project.

For more information on how you can help with donations and volunteering, please visit their website at

Casa Digna-San Felipe